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Welcome to Mawson Lakes Preschool

Welcome to Mawson Lakes Preschool. We hope your time with us is a happy one.

At Mawson Lakes Preschool we value learning through play and discovery, and provide varied and stimulating experiences within our curriculum.

We respect and support the multicultural backgrounds of our families and endeavour to reflect diversity in our program. We encourage independence, creativity, resilience, research and inquiry, respect, empathy and a sense of wonder.

As part of the Mawson Lakes School community, we aim to support you and your child with a smooth transition to school. We look forward to working with you to make your child’s time at preschool challenging, exciting and fun!

Please feel free to talk to any of the staff if you have questions, queries or comments about your child and / or what is happening at preschool!

Mawson Lakes Preschool is a Department of Education and Children’s Services (DECD) Preschool. All staff are fully qualified to teach in the Early Childhood field.

All staff hold current First Aid, Asthma Training, Mandatory Notification and Child Protection Curriculum training, in addition to other specialist knowledge.

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