Frequently Asked Questions

Is Preschool the same as Kindergarten?
Yes … in South Australia the terms preschool and kindergarten are used to describe the year before children begin formal schooling – known as reception or foundation.
At what age can my child start preschool?
Children who turn 4 before the 30th April begin preschool in the year they turn four. Children who turn 4 on or after the 1st May begin preschool in the year after they turn four.
Can my child start earlier or later?
Yes … an earlier or later start to preschool may be negotiated under special circumstances with the Director.
How many terms does my child spend at preschool?
Generally children may access up to four terms of preschool in the year before they begin school.
Is Mawson Lakes Preschool zoned?
Mawson Lakes Preschool has in place a priority of access policy which gives first preference to families living in Mawson Lakes. Out of area enrolments will only be considered after all Mawson Lakes families wishing to attend have been catered for.
Does enrolment at Mawson Lakes Preschool guarantee enrolment at Mawson Lakes School?
No … enrolling at our preschool is no guarantee of enrolment at Mawson Lakes School.  The school has a separate enrolment process and is zoned.  For more details please contact Mawson Lakes School on 8260 1681 or via their website –
Do preschool staff enrol my child at school?
Parents/carers are responsible for enrolling their child at the school of their choice. This is usually done once your child has begun preschool.
Does Mawson Lakes Preschool offer before or after preschool care?

Only in exceptional circumstances and after negotiation with the Director. This is usually a ‘one off’ occurrence in case of emergency.  The preschool does not offer regular before or after preschool care.  Mawson Lakes Child Care Centre – Garden Tce campus may be able to help you with before or after preschool care.  They can be contacted on 8359 0509 or via email – Mawson Lakes School OSHC does not offer places to preschool children.

How many days per week can my child attend preschool?
Under the Universal Access policy children are entitled to attend preschool for the equivalent of 15hours per week.

At Mawson Lakes Preschool we offer two groups for preschool attendance

Purple Group – children attend Monday and Tuesday from 8.30am – 3.15pm and alternative Wednesdays (in the odd weeks of term) from 8.30am – 11.30am.

Green Group – children attend Thursday and Friday from 8.30am – 3.15pm and alternative Wednesdays (in the even weeks of term) from 8.30 – 11.30am

Sessions that are missed due to illness or holidays are not able to be made up.

What are the fees at Mawson Lakes Preschool?

Our Governing Council sets the fees.  Fees for 2021 will be $140.00 per term ($560.00 per year).

Fees can be paid via cash, cheque or direct debit. Payments can be made each term, half yearly or in full at the beginning of the year.  If you need an alternative payment plan, please talk to one of our staff team.

Who can pick up my child from Preschool?
Only those adults you have nominated and are listed on your child’s enrolment form can collect your child from preschool. The preschool will not release your child to anyone under the age of 16years including siblings.
What about custody issues?
Parents/Carers will need to provide the preschool with copies of any orders pertaining to the custody or access to your child on enrolment.
What do children wear to preschool?
At preschool your child will be engaged in many different experiences during the day … from running, climbing, jumping, swinging, dancing, painting, sitting and listening.  Therefore the clothes they wear need to be comfortable and hard wearing! Your child also needs to be able to manage them easily. The shoes your child wears should also allow for comfort and exploration.  Thongs, slides and crocs are not suitable footwear for preschool.

Our Sunsmart policy requires children to wear hats all year round … broad brimmed or legionnaire style in the warmer, summer months (generally September to May) and beanies or hoodies in the cooler, winter months (May to September).

Sunscreen is provided by the preschool, however if your child has a sensitivity to sunscreen you will be required to provide a suitable alternative.

Please see our UV and Hot Weather policy for more details.

What food and drinks do children need for preschool?
Your child will need enough food for 2 snacks during the day and a separate lunch.  At our preschool snacks consist of fruit or vegetables only. Please pack these items in one lunch box which will stay in your child’s bag.  You will also need to provide lunch in another lunch box or thermos (for hot food).  Lunches can consist of a range foods your child likes to eat which falls in line with our Healthy Eating Policy and does not contain nuts or egg.  All lunches are placed in the fridge unless otherwise requested.

Your child will need a named cup for accessing drinking water or their own named bottle containing water only.

Please see our Healthy Food Policy and our Safe Food Storage procedure for more details.

Will preschool staff administer medication?
Only medications that are prescribed by a doctor will be administered to your child by staff following our centre protocols. No over the counter medications (except under a doctor’s written advice) will be administered.

If your child has specific medical needs you will receive a medication plan on enrolment, which will need to be completed by your child’s doctor/specialist. Parents/Carers are responsible for providing all medications which are kept in the kitchen at preschool. If you think your child may need a medical plan, please talk to one of the staff team.

Does my child need to be toilet trained to attend preschool?
Generally by 4 years of age most children should be able to manage their toileting needs.  If your child has a specific medical condition you will need to provide a continence care plan from your child’s doctor/specialist which will outline the support your child needs.  No child will be excluded from attending preschool on the basis of not being toilet trained.  If you have concerns about your child’s toileting needs please talk to a member of the staff team.
How does the preschool provide for children with additional needs?
The preschool team works closely with families and other professionals to provide access and support at preschool.  The preschool also has access to DECD support services to provide support in the areas of speech, language, behaviour, social skills or overall development.  If you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s development or learning, please speak to a member of our staff team.
Can I volunteer at Preschool?
Yes!  There are many ways that parents/carers can be involved and volunteer at preschool.  You can come on excursions, help out during sessions, act as an interpreter for other families, share a special skill (eg music, gardening, carpentry, dance etc) or become a member of our Governing Council.  If you are interested, please speak to a member of our staff team

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