Welcome to Mawson Lakes Preschool


Welcome to Mawson Lakes Preschool. We hope that you and your family enjoy the time you spend with us. Mawson Lakes Preschool is proud of its culturally diverse community and each year welcomes families from all over the world.

At our preschool you can expect to be a valued member of our community whose opinions and thoughts are encouraged and acted upon. We see your child as a competent and powerful learner who comes to preschool with a vast amount of knowledge, experiences and ideas.

Throughout the year your child will be involved in engaging, hands-on play experiences which challenge and extend their learning while building upon their sense of belonging to a wider community.

“Our preschool offers a safe and nurturing environment where children are free to explore, connect with and learn. Our beautiful, natural outdoor learning environment includes vegetable gardens, water courses, a mud kitchen and tree climbing, while our indoor environment is spacious and light. Educators carefully plan learning experiences which encourage children to be independent, creative and curious about the world around them.”

Mawson Lakes Preschool is part of the Hollywood, Lakes and Gardens Partnership group consisting of six preschools, five primary schools and one secondary school. In our Partnership all sites work closely and collaboratively to ensure effective transitions for children and their families, through sharing of information, participating in professional development and working on joint learning projects.

While we are part of the Hollywood Lakes and Gardens Partnership we recognise that our children also access many other schools in and out of the local area and we enjoy collaborative relationships with schools and preschools outside of this partnership, in both the public and private sector.

We look forward to working with you to make your child’s time at preschool challenging, exciting and fun! Please feel free to talk to any of the educators if you have questions, queries or comments about your child and/or what is happening at preschool.

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